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COMEX CONSULTORES ASOCIADOS SRL it is qualified to operate as an exporting firm, even with registration with the National Service of Agrifood Health and Quality – SENASA, so it can perform export operations on behalf of third parties, so that if you want to start exporting but do not have the corresponding registration and qualification, or prefer not to make your registration as an exporter until you confirm the continuity of your sales abroad, we can help you internationalize your business and conquer new customers and markets.

Export on behalf of third parties is an alternative mechanism that allows producers, industries and companies in general to export without there being a transfer of ownership of their products, goods and/or services.

Additionally, it is possible to reduce operating costs, organization, transportation and fixed costs, since through the use of an integral solution it is possible to export without using own resources in maintaining a permanent structure of foreign trade, allowing to concentrate the attention of your company in the production of your goods and / or services.

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