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COMEX CONSULTORES ASOCIADOS SRL is registered and qualified to operate as an importing firm, so it can acquire goods abroad, import them and then sell them in the domestic market, even combining in advance and at the request of an applicant, their technical characteristics, quantity, sale price once nationalized and delivery conditions.

Aditionally you can manage exception requests, Used Goods Import Certificates – CIBU, Certificates of Homologation of Safety Autoparts – CHAS, electrical security and perform the necessary procedures to nationalize and release to consumption goods that require intervention of third parties, so that if you want to start importing but do not have the corresponding registration and qualification, or prefer not to make your registration as an importer until you confirm the continuity of your foreign trade business, we can help you.

On the other hand, the interested party will be able to reduce operating costs, organization, transportation and fixed costs, since through the use of our integral solution it is possible to import without using own resources in maintaining a permanent structure of foreign trade, allowing to concentrate the attention of your company in the conquest of new clients and markets.

Send us an email informing the data related to the goods, goods or services of your interest and we will be able to advise you on the import and nationalization of the goods, including land, sea and/or air freight, international cargo insurance, clearance in Argentina and operating costs. In this way you will keep the development of your import business centralized with the lowest final cost and without accessory responsibilities.

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