Foreign Trade Management Services


We offer a 360º service in foreign trade for all profiles and sizes of exporting and importing companies.

Our advice includes documentary analysis and pre-shipment goods, we also take care of the entire customs management and before other public agencies. We plan and execute with perfection the logistics of your operation, as well as the necessary registrations and certifications. This allows us to delegate and centralize all the responsibility in a single foreign trade operator.

Advantages of Outsourcing Foreign Trade Services

  • Allows the scalability of commercial capacity without the need to have a foreign trade department of its own, increased structure and costs,
  • Optimizes the continuous improvement of processes,
  • Possible to reach high standards of quality and competitiveness,
  • Reduction of costs through outsourcing of export and/or import activities,
  • Increased profitability,
  • Focus on the end activities, delegating the auxiliary activities.

Customs Processes of Import and Export

  • Documentary verification with exporters,
  • Tracking of exports to final destination,
  • Preparation, presentation and follow-up of SIMI, LNA, export and import clearance, shipping permits and other customs destinations,
  • Management before official and private bodies,
  • Calculation and analysis of the corresponding customs duties, rates, tariffs and tariffs, taxes or any other tax, lien or fiscal requirement, related to import and export operations,
  • Guarantee administration,
  • Tariff classification and valuation of goods,
  • National and International Transport and Logistics,
  • Fiscal Deposits,
  • Cargo insurance,
  • Custody of goods in transit,
  • Load terminals,
  • Free Zones,
  • Load inspections,
  • Management of payments at customs, terminals and various agencies,
  • Contact with external suppliers,
  • Presentation and monitoring of refunds and other export benefits,
  • Bank Management.

We provide our clients with advice and training in foreign trade of excellence, since, through continuous improvement, we are up to date with every change and update in the regulations concerning international trade.

In addition, our staff has extensive experience in the field of customs and trade. That is why your operations in the world market will always be safe in our hands.

Comex Consultores Asociados is seen as the best alternative in foreign trade consulting. Responsibility and honesty give our customers the security and confidence backed by our experience in customs matters.

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